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About Me


Hello, my name is Jason Gruenwald.

I would like to start off by saying I am not all work, and I am not all play, but a happy combination that keeps me feeling good about what I do.

Previously in this career field, I have worked as a principal developer, lead developer, a college instructor, functional manager, and project manager. Through my experience I believe I have developed a robust set of skills and talents that qualify me to conceptualize, schedule, orchestrate, execute, manage, and deliver completed projects.

Attending conferences, reading magazines, books, blogs, attending meetups, and working on hobby projects are exciting ways I enjoy staying current in this field. In addition, I have taken courses and training available in this area of work that have earned me over 182 college credits in this discipline.

The how I got started story for me began when I opened my own retail business way back in the early 2000’s with the help of two amazing business partners. My personal responsibility involved the job duties that my current career was born from. Demonstrating perseverance in the face of many challenges (as you can imagine a small business owner to have), I spared no effort to compete and survive in the community as a positive creative thinker and entrepreneur. It was the best internship I can imagine. Combining my hobbies at the time and my career helped me to set my goals to aim for the top.

In my personal life I like to get outdoors, walk the dog, hike in the mountains, snowboard, skateboard, ride my bike, run for fun, play any sport, play instruments with friends, serve a little ping-pong, play cards games, board games, dominoes, roll the dice at Farkle, and dabble in the arts and video too.

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