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About Me


Hello, my name is Jason Gruenwald.

I would like to start off by saying I am not all work, and I am not all play, but a happy combination that keeps me feeling good about what I do.

I currently work the the University of Washington as a web and database applications developer. It is tremendously rewarding to come to work in place that is so positive, supportive, and innovative. I was able to attend the EDUCAUSE conference and the consensus was that the research and good work done here at the University of Washington are really at the top of the game. I am happy to be on that team! Previously I worked as the Web Manager at South Seattle Community College for about 9 years. For me it was a tremendously rewarding and also enjoyable place of employment. I am really interested in hobby projects that expand my talents and still occasionally do freelance work on short term contracts in search of projects that keep me learning.

Through experience and training, I've developed a robust set of skills that encompasses some well-rounded talents that qualify me to orchestrate and manage projects. I have been highly successful at doing the work, and as of late, managing others to complete projects as well.

Attending conferences, reading actual magazines and books, and attending meetups are exciting ways I enjoy staying current in this field. I've also taken some/many extra college courses that make start to finish project management easier to handle. As I pursued my ambitions to create shopping carts, web galleries, and other complex web applications, I have taken most courses and training available in this area of work. That work has earned me over 160 college credits. These skills make my job complete, exciting, and almost a hobby.

As an example of my ambition, I could mention that I opened my very own retail business way back in 2000 with the help of two amazing business partners. My career was born from this real world experience. Demonstrating perseverance in the face of many challenges, I strived to compete and survive in the community as a positive and creative thinker and entrepreneur. It was the best internship I can imagine. Combining my hobbies and my career helped me to set my goals to aim for the top.

In my personal life I like to get outdoors, snowboard, skateboard, ride my bike, hike in the mountains, run a little, play instruments with friends, serve a little ping-pong, and dabble in the arts and video.

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