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Previous Work Examples

I have had a lot of experience with full stack development in my career. To be brief and still convey my experience, I have a compact list of my work here.

My current position at Smith Brothers Farms/Alpenrose Dairy involves upgrading a .Net 4.5.1 Nop Commerce site to a new .NET Core 5 Nop Commerce site with heavy customizations and eliminating all plugins.

Previously at the UW I worked on a custom ASP.NET MVC online student application and faculty review system that extended Identity, SSO, two factor security, email, custom CMS, file uploads, collaboration boards, committee drag and drop tools, and more.

If you are looking for SQL, ASP.NET or specific code language examples (C#, JavaScript, PHP, other), please contact me. I will provide you with some additional samples and I may even take your requests of small application challenges you might have to test my talents.

ASP.NET CORE / MVC / Entity / C#.NET / SQL Server - Web Applications

ASP.NET / SQL Server - Web Applications

FLASH Applications


To show that I have some flexibility I am including these:

Grindline Skateparks DVD/10 page brochure insert. Created here was the the DVD case, insert, and graphics for the company based on work, demographic, and supplied logos, graphics, and photos. This is the main marketing piece for the company's million dollar projects worldwide.


Produced & edited with Adobe Premiere/Animate/Soundbooth

NOTE: I have nothing recent that I can show in this dicipline, but this has been a hobby for a long time and I would never say no to having fun with timeline editing and programming.



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