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Resume - Qualifications, Work Experience, and Education

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Jason Gruenwald - Seattle, WA
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  • Sixteen years of in-depth experience in full stack web development
  • Advanced object oriented web programming, database, and server administration skills
  • Productive self-starter with a strong work ethic consistently achieving goals
  • Invaluable contributor in cross department team efforts
  • Solid leader through effective/motivating strategies
  • Stays up-to-date with changes in the industry through continuing professional development


Languages: C#/VB.NET, JAVA, SQL, LINQ, JavaScript, JSON, XML, HTML, CSS
Frameworks: MVC, Entity, .NET, jQuery, Bootstrap
Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL

  • Microsoft: Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, IIS, Azure DevOps, Hyper-V, Office
  • MySQL: Workbench
  • Adobe: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Animate, Premiere, Sound Booth, Acrobat
  • Sony: Soundforge, Acid Pro
  • Project Management: Asana, Instagantt, Trello

Professional Experience:

University of Washington
Web Application Developer
- Seattle, WA - 2014 to Present

  • Converted paper application format to a comprehensive online system using MVC C#, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, jQuery, Twillio, Shibboleth, & MS SQL. Features: Annual cycle, Identity account creation, 2 factor authentication, SSO for admin features, expiring email tokens, rich text editing, file uploads, file I/O, data reports, data exports, email alerts, content management.
  • Developed a scoring system online. Features: Group creation, collaborative scoring, group review tools, drag and drop admissions ranking.
  • Programmed specific features/plugins for WordPress and Drupal sites
  • Chaired hiring committees

JGDM - Jason Gruenwald Design and Media
Web Consulting
- Seattle, WA - 2004 to 2014

  • Programmed/Developed custom content management/shopping cart solutions for the web.
  • Created custom server controls using ASP.NET and MS SQL Server.
  • Consulting/Freelance Contracting: Web site design, redesign, cost analysis, wire framing, marketing, profit and loss, return on investment, 5 year business plans.

South Seattle Community College
Web Manager
- Seattle, WA - Jan. 2006 to Sept. 2013

  • Develop web applications and databases for internal and external use.
  • Host and manage college web servers using Hyper-V and IIS.
  • Orchestrated large scale web site redesign, hosting, and deployment.
  • Secured 2 grants to fund web projects employing strategic planning, mission, initiatives, goals, and actions.
  • Project manager for grants including hiring manager for grant employees.
  • Manage web help desk, work study employees, and interns.
  • Communicate information needed or requested with the public and staff as web manager.
  • Hold meetings with department leaders about changes and new additions to web material and applications.
  • Elected by my peers to the President's College Council.

South Seattle Community College
Web Technology Instructor
- Seattle, WA - 2006 to 2008

  • Maintained high percentage of student cohort enrollment in my classes from quarter to quarter.
  • Multimedia publishing I & II - Developed and taught curriculum. These courses used Flash as the main developing platform for learning. Each course had increasingly difficult assignments in which class members would present their completed projects to their peers for feedback.
  • Usability and Design - Developed and taught curriculum. This course focused on user centered design, throughout the development cycle, research on target markets, testing and development as well as UI design based on quantitative results analysis.

South Seattle Community College
Interim Web Manager
- Seattle, WA  - Aug. 2005 to Dec. 2005

  • Work side by side with PIO staff to promote branding and college mission.
  • Manage and update content on current college sites.
  • Communicate information needed or requested with the public and staff.
  • Hold meetings with department leaders about changes and new additions to web material.

South Seattle Community College
Web Assistant - Seattle, WA - Nov. 2004 to Aug. 2005

  • Tutored / monitored web design and programming students in technology lab.
  • Updated HTML pages and forms in public information office for live WA State Web site.
  • Inserting tables and graphics using ASP/ database technology.
  • Introduced and implemented ADA Accessibility Priorities 1 - 3 on site pages.
  • Developed concepts for SSCC public web pages.
  • Took photographs for web and print material.
  • Developed and produced print flyers for student participation.

Partner / Art director / Web Developer - Milwaukee, WI - 2000 to 2004      

  • Demonstrated effective leadership and encouraged team concepts.
  • Created community and web presence with high growth percentage outcome.
  • Formulated concepts in visual communications media including: Web sites, compact disc covers and inserts, magazine and newspaper ads, commercials for the web, posters, flyers, and packaging using marketing strategies / techniques.
  • Determined budget objectives, presentation approaches, and applied techniques to related production factors.
  • Conducted research to select and secure suitable illustrative material for target audiences.
  • Demonstrated exceptional communication and negotiation skills with customers and neighborhood community.


South Seattle Community College   AAS Web Programming

  • Completed a degree in object oriented web programming including VB.NET, ASP.NET, Flash Action Script, SQL, XML, and JavaScript.

South Seattle Community College    AAS Web Design

  • Completed a degree in Web Design including HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, drawing, painting, design, and computer art.

Milwaukee Area Technical College   Visual Communications   

  • Relevant Coursework included web interface design, usability testing, versioning during the development cycle, Flash animation, photography (digital and analog), CD quality audio recording and editing, extensive time line story boarding, video publishing to the web, commercial art, and marketing research for trends and target audiences.



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